BR Shaw Construction is a Utah based general contractor, specializing in high quality custom homes throughout Utah and Western Wyoming. 

BR Shaw

BR is the founding partner of BR Shaw Construction and plays an active role in each project the company takes on.  With more than 40 years experience, BR is a valuable asset to the company and it's clients.  He is known for his high standard of quality and craftsmanship.  BR is precise and unwavering in his attention to detail and is always eager to take on the next challenge.

Dave Shaw

Dave is a managing partner and plays an active role in all operations of the company.  Like BR, Dave is a skilled craftsman who is ever focused on precision and detail.   He expects the highest standards of workmanship from all trades and is always looking for ways to improve a process or detail.  Dave values his relationship with clients and is driven to provide the highest level of service and customer satisfaction.